“The Boxer – Championship Fight”

Five Rounds of 3:00 minutes “on” followed by 1:00 minute “off”

3 Dumbbell or Kettlebell Snatches, Each Arm
6 Clapping Push-ups
9 Goblet Squats

Note: Todays workout is a sequence of five 3:00 minute As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) evolutions on 1:00 rest, and is intended to match the metabolic demands of a boxing match. On the Snatches, perform 3 repetitions with one arm (Athletes choice starting with either right or left, and using either a Kettlebell or Dumbbell) switch hands, and then perform three Snatches with the other arm. Both the Dumbbell and Kettlebell Snatch techniques will be reviewed at the beginning of each class.  Hands must clap with body suspended on the toes for the Push-up repetition to count. Modifications for all skills will be taught in the gym. Mens weight is up to 53lb. and womens weight is up to 35lb. This is a great workout that requires a high degree of technical skill and explosiveness. This workout was created by Greg Amundson, George Ryan (CrossFit Striking Subject Matter Expert) and Jeff Martone (CrossFit Kettlebell Subject  Matter Expert) with the intention of developing speed, power, coordination and explosive striking-strength for MMA Fighters and Boxers.


Alex is THE MAN


Congratulations to Alex who was recently hired by the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy Sheriff. Alex has been Gym Manager and Head Coach for nearly a year, and his leadership and expertise will be dearly missed. Alex’s lifelong goal has been to serve and protect Santa Cruz as a Peace Officer, and we are grateful to have such a strong and courageous man keeping our community safe.


Please join us tonight from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM for the CrossFit Pleasure Point Mobility and Yoga Class at our Krav Maga studio. This class is free to all CrossFit Pleasure Point Athletes and is highly recommended.


Alex and Michael Congratulatory Workout and BBQ

Join us this Saturday from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM for a special workout to honor Alex and his contributions to our gym, and his new adventures as a Deputy Sheriff. We will also be congratulating Michael who was hired alongside Alex as a Deputy Sheriff. The workout will be programmed by Alex, and it’s gonna be a good one. All levels are welcome to participate. The workout and BBQ will run concurrently and the entire event is free and open to our Athletes and their families.


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