FRIDAY 200103

Evolution A:

Got Gymnastics?

Work through this progression with emphasis on technique and ROM (10:00 Time Cap)

12 Dips (Ring or Bar Dips / or double the rep’s for elevated push-ups)
1:00 of Plank (purple / brown belt athletes use 1 hand in the Plank)
9 Dips
1:00 of Plank
6 Dips
1:00 of Plank
3 Dips
1:00 of Plank

Evolution B:

Tabata Mash-up

20 Seconds of Dumbbell Thrusters (35lb. / 25lb.)
Rest 10 seconds
20 Seconds of Toes to Bar

Perform 8 rounds of each station (8:00 running clock)

Evolution C:

Concept2 Row, 400 meters (all out sprint!)

Note: Today we are working on some of the foundational basics of a solid gymnastic program – the dip and the plank. These two pair together in an awesome way! On the Tabata mash-up, your goal is to Rx the workout and maintain 10 reps each station each round.

Coach Margaret briefing the workout!


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