TUESDAY 200707

Front Squat, 9 repetitions (go heavy!)
Toes to Bar, 21 repetitions
Front Squat, 6 repetitions
Toes to Bar, 18 repetitions
Front Squat, 3 repetitions
Toes to Bar, 15 repetitions
Front Squat, 1 repetition (set a new PR)
Toes to Bar, 12 repetitions

Note: Today’s session is NOT FOR TIME. Rest as needed between exercises and add weight to your barbell each set. The Front Squat is from the floor and will require a Power clean. our 4PM class will be on Zoom today: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87410735494. Our 6:15PM Yoga class will be at HQ and also on Zoom. Link below.


Tuesday Schedule


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