MONDAY 220307

Five Minute Knock Out

Who can stay at this pace for 3 rounds.

On a 5:00 clock,
Minute One = Wallball, 15 repetitions (20lb. / 10lb.)
Minute Two = Box Jump/Step-up, 15 repetitions (20 inches)
Minute Three = Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift Highpull, 15 repetitions (75lb. / 53lb.)
Minute Four = Dumbbel Push Press, 15 repetitions (35lb. / 20lb.)
Minute Five = Assault Bike, 12 calories (7 women)

Rest 1:00 then repeat for a total of 3 rounds.

Congratulations to Coach Pete for graduating from the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute Class 466.  This is an eight month, once a month, course for Law Enforcement Supervisors on how to implement changes in the values and beliefs in their agencies.


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