Technique Work

Today there will be time allotted for some specific technique work.

The default movement will be double unders and/or crossovers.

But we will be flexible depending on the movements for 24.2.

Today’s WOD will be 3 separate sprint evolutions.

All three will be for time with an equal work to rest ratio between evolutions.

Evolution A – 800m Run

Evolution B – 50 Wallballs (20/14)

Evolution C – 50 Ball Slam (20)

If Evolution A take 5 minutes to complete, that athlete will rest 5 minutes then start Evolution B.

These evolutions are intended to be all out efforts, but short in duration.

John with 327 reps from Fight Gone Bad.  He holds the current gym record!

Great Job.


Thursday’s Schedule

6AM – Workout of the Day

1030AM – Workout of the Day

1130AM to 100PM – Open Gym (trial time – subject to change)

430PM – Workout of the Day

530PM – Teen Class

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