Join us at 4:00PM today inside our “Zoom Classroom Gym” for a group workout! We will all have a chance to “see each other” and check in on everyones wellbeing. Zoom –

Evolution A: One Minute “On” followed by One Minute “Off” for 20:00 (10 rounds)

Kettlebell or Dumbbell Swing, 15 repetitions
Burpee, As Many Repetitions As Possible (score)

Evolution B:

Run 5K (do this at any point during the day – you could also row, bike, swim, etc.)

Coach’s new book (Volume One) is done!


Note: This is a super challenging session! Coach will be briefing modifications around the virtual whiteboard. Today’s workout will be on Zoom and also Facebook Live in our CrossFit Pleasure Point (private) Facebook Group. We encourage Zoom participation! If you need help logging in please let us know. The Zoom link above will be the SAME LINK we use all week.


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