MONDAY 230508


Strict Press

From the rack



For Time

21 Deadlift (#165/125)

9/8 Assault Bike Calories

15 Deadlift (#165/125)

15/13 Assault Bike Calories

9 Deadlift (#165/125)

21/18 Assault Bike Calories


Pullup Progression


This is the final week for the pullup progression.

Keep up the good work.

This month on Monday’s we will be completing a Shoulder to Overhead strength series.

Starting with the strict press this week.  Working on the push press next week.

The third week completing the series with a push jerk.

Monday’s Schedule

6AM – Workout of the day

8AM – Workout of the day

4PM – Workout of the day

615PM – Workout of the day

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