L-Sit Hold

Cumulate 60 seconds

Time will be recorded as the total time taken to cumulate 60 seconds of L-sit hold.


14 Minute EOMOM

Odd Minutes – 200m Run

Even Minutes – 2 Power Clean (85% 1RM)


Pullup Progression


For the main workout today, the 200m run is meant to be a more than a job but just less than a sprint.

The hope is you will be coming into the doors right near the 1 minute mark but no more than 80 seconds.

Get right to that Barbell and get your first Power Clean as soon as possible.

6AM getting after the Row – Front Squat Couplet from 230502.

Wednesday’s Schedule

6AM – Workout of the day

8AM – Workout of the day

4PM – Workout of the day

615PM – Workout of the day

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