MONDAY 140113

4 Tabata Rounds of “Bottom to Bottom” Overhead Squats with PVC Pipe

Rest as needed then,

“Heedful Hide”

5 Rounds For Time of:
10 Clean and Jerks (Grace style)
15 Wall Ball Shots

Note: “Bottom to Bottom” Overhead Squats mean that during the 10 seconds rest on the “Tabata Interval” the Athlete will hold the bottom position of the squat with PVC pipe overhead. This was one of Coach Greg Glassman’s favorite ways of utilizing the Tabata interval, specifically with the Overhead Squat. We will only be doing 4 rounds today – but you will see this challenge again for all 8 rounds! The weight on “Heedful Hide” for both exercises is the heaviest in which you can complete all 5 sets  with consecutive repetitions.  If you break a set you must start that set over.  Each Clean and Jerk must be controlled through the entire range of motion. This means touch and go with the bar and no stopping or dropping the ball. Advanced Athletes should set a goal (men) for 135lb. on the Barbell and 20lb. on the Wallball and for women 95lb. on the Barbell and 12lb. on the Wallball. This is an awesome workout!

Bart and Greg during the Burpee Mile


At the half way point during the Burpee Mile, Bart Barker and Greg Amundson nailed a near-perfect chest bump as Kelly Barker looked on. It’s been said that the best friendships are forged with a combination of “Laughter and Agony” and the Burpee Mile proved that to be very true indeed.


“Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.” – Dalai Lama


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