TUESDAY 231114

Strength – Tempo Training

Back Squat

Bench Press

Tempo 4x5x4x1x1

4 Sets – 5 reps per set – 4 second descent – 1 second pause at the bottom – 1 second up

Athletes should evaluate last weeks weight and their final rep(s) for this weeks weight.  The goal is to maintain the weight for all four sets.

For those that participated last week, if your RPE was between 8-10 maintain that weight.  If it was less adjust your weight accordingly.

The time under tension for today’s tempo is 20 seconds per set x 4 sets = 80 seconds.

Next week we will be re-testing our 3 Rep max.


Tuesday’s Schedule

6AM – Workout of the Day

1030AM – Workout of the Day

430PM – Workout of the Day

530PM – Workout of the Day

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