FRIDAY 220715

Each of today’s Evolutions will be a 3 minute round of work followed by a 3 minute rest period.

Evolution A –

400m Run – AMRAP Deadlift (#95/65) with the remaining time

Evolution B

400m Run – AMRAP Hang Power Clean (#95/65) with the remaining time

Evolution C

400m Run – AMRAP Thruster (#95/65)

Evolution D

Min 0-1 – Deadlift (#95/65)

Min 1-2 – Hang Power Clean (#95/65)

Min 2-3 – Thruster (#95/65)

Scores for today’s workout are the number for repetitions of the barbell movement during each round.  For Evolution D the total amount of repetitions will be the athletes score.

This is going to be a challenging session and will tax each of the athletes grip strength, especially Evolution D.


Friday’s Schedule

8AM Strength / Olympic Lifting

4PM Workout of the Day

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