Active Recovery Day (CrossFit Style!)

On a 3:00 running clock,

Evolution A (0:00 to 10:00)
Run 1 mile (Big Loop) at 70% maximum effort

Evolution B: (10:00 to 20:00)
Concept2 Row, 2000 meters (2:05 / 2:20 pace)

Evolution C: (20:00 to 30:00)
Every Minute On The Minute for 6:00 (90 total repetitions)
Wallball, 15 repetitions (20lb. / 10lb.)

Note: On today’s session, athletes can pick their start station but most honor the order of rotation. The rest in the workout is dependent upon the time for completion of each evolution with the exception of E.C. that is set at 3:00 rest before the start of the next evolution.

Team Moreno in the house!


Thursday Schedule

  • CrossFit at 6AM, 10:30AM and 4PM
  • Teenager Class at 3PM



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