Join us today at 5:30 PM for our CrossFit Pleasure Point Strikes Class.  This course teaches students striking and incorporates the striking with a workout of the day.  If you have gloves, bring them.

This is a great cardio session that will get your heart rate up and give you some skills.  Coach Henry Montes has a wealth of knowledge in boxing and will impart some of this wisdom during class.

We hope you can make it.

For today’s normal programming we have a great workout.

For Time:

1600m Row,

30 Ground to Overhead (95/65),

Big Loop Run

Today’s workout is a triplet of longer cardio sessions at the beginning and the end with a sprint using a lighter weight in the middle of the workout.

During the workout athletes can choose to start with either the run or row but should finish with the other movement.  See if you can match your times on your run and row.

Sign-up on the link below for the First Annual Food and Friends this Sunday.  Details in the link.


Wednesday’s Schedule

8AM – Workout of the Day

4PM – Workout of the Day

530PM – Striking (Bag) Class

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