MONDAY 140120

Today we will be holding one BIG Hero WOD from 10:00 to 11:00 AM. There will be no other classes offered. If you are unable to attend this workout, we encourage you to spend the day “Outside The Box” with your family and friends. Submit a photograph of yourself exercising in the great outdoors, get featured on the CrossFit Pleasure Point website, and receive a free CrossFit Pleasure Point T-shirt!

The 4:00 PM Warriors


Who remembers when the 4:00 PM class was our “Beginners CrossFit” class? Well, those days are certainly gone! Many of our original 4:00 PM Athletes, such as Omar and Heather, routinely complete even the most challenging workouts at the Rx’d level. It’s amazing what dedication, hard work, and passion can accomplish.


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