Advanced Gymnastic Skill Practice:

3:00 of “practice” at the following stations:

Handstand Hold
Single Leg Squat
Pike Reset from Bar (Controlled Descent from Toes to Bar)

Rest as needed then,

For Time,
75 Double Unders
25 Dumbbell Push-Press (35lb. / 25lb.)
15 Toes to Bar
Run 400 Meters
15 Toes to Bar
25 Dumbbell Push-Press
75 Double Unders

Note: Today we are going to have a chance to “practice” some of the fundamental gymnastic movements of the CrossFit program. We finish with a triplet of gymnastics, weightlifting and sport – a true CrossFit “old school” session.

Coach Glassman with LT. Amundson’s OCS Platoon (Circa 2012).


Wednesday Special Programs 

Krav Maga – All Levels (5:30PM – 6:15PM)


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