TUESDAY 140121

“Partner Help Me!”

In Teams of 2 Complete Ten Rounds for Time of:

10 Free Standing Handstand Push-ups
20 Hurdle Jumps
15 Toes to Bar

Note: For the Free Standing Handstand Push-up, one partner will kick up into a Handstand with the support of their partner. The Athlete will then complete either 10 Free Standing Handstand Push-ups or hold a 60 Second Handstand. Hurdle Jump Height is 24 inches for male teams and 20 inches for female teams. Toe to Bar modifications will be taught in the gym. Each partner must complete an entire round before “tagging” their partner and each partner must complete at least 5 rounds. This is a super fun, team-building gymnastics workout. It’s gonna’ be a good one!

Laughter + Agony = Friendship


Graham to Alex: “Alex, what was the hardest part of that workout?”

Alex to Graham: “Telling my brain to stop thinking about the pain.”


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