Four Rounds for Time,

Run 400 Meters (or Assault Bike 30 calories or Row 400 meters)
Power Clean, 9 repetitions (135lb. / 85lb.)
30 Squats
7 Strict Pull-ups

Note: Today we are doing an “old school” classic CrossFit triplet – plus a run for some extra spice. Our Zoom classroom is located here:

Running Warriors!


Schedule Update & Keyholder!

Beginning next week we have two additional classes “returning” to our schedule:

  • Tuesday and Thursday morning 6AM class
  • Tuesday and Thursday 10:30AM class

Reminder that we are now offering Keyholder private use of HQ for 60 minute workouts.

We will be offering a $10.00 discount on this option for athletes who would prefer to workout privately (or semi-private) during the remainder of the pandemic situation. To enroll please check with Coach.
Up to 3 athletes at a time will be able to reserve private use of HQ in 60-minute increments during non-class hours 7 days a week. These hours are currently 11AM to 3PM weekdays and 12PM to 8PM on weekends. On a case by case basis exceptions can be made to these hours. Athletes will be responsible for sanitizing all gear and surfaces touched during their workout.
Athletes that do not currently have the “Keyholder” membership must enroll in this program before their first private workout. In addition, “Keyholder” athletes must have been doing CrossFit for at least 3 months and be approved for private workouts by one of the CFA Coaches.
Check with Greg or Margaret for more information.
To reserve your private 60 minute use of HQ please visit this link:
3,2,1 Go!
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