Happy Thanksgiving! On behalf of Greg Amundson and the entire Coaching Team at CrossFit Pleasure Point, we wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to our Athletes for their dedication, commitment, perseverance, faith and service to a lifestyle of holistic fitness. On this special day of Thanksgiving, we remember our loved ones who are unable to be with us, and ask a Heavenly Blessing upon all of our families and friends. Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday! We return to our regular gym schedule on Saturday at 10:00 AM for the Free Community Workout.



“One of the great secrets I’ve learned over the years is to continually align your mindset with thankfulness and gratitude, regardless of your circumstances. Discipline yourself to look for the bright-side, the good, and the silver lining, and have an attitude of optimism and positive expectancy. The world will respond in perfect accordance, providing you with an abundance of things to be grateful for.” – Greg Amundson


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