We hope you enjoyed the Christmas holiday with family and friends. Now, it’s time to get back to work … 

CAMP Training Session (CrossFit Pleasure Point Maximum Performance)

“The Grinder”

Complete Five Rounds:

On a 2:00 Running Clock,
Complete Two Rounds of “Cindy” (5 Pull-up, 10 Push-up, 15 Squat)
Double Under, As Many Repetitions As Possible

Note: On todays session, your “Score” each round is the total number of Double Under repetitions achieved (or single jumps). Rest up to 2:00 between rounds. Compare today’s score to December 5, 2018, and try to increase each round by at least 5 repetitions. 

Congratulations to Olivia on her first Rope Climb! 


Thursday Special Programs 

Bag Class (5:15PM – 6PM at HQ) 


Krav Maga Update! 

We are excited to announce our next Krav Maga program will be starting Tuesday, February 5, 2019. We will now be offering Krav Maga three days a week according to the schedule below:

  • White through Blue Belt – Tuesday & Thursday 5:15PM – 6PM
  • Blue Belt and Law Enforcement Only – Wednesday 5:15PM – 6PM 

Krav Maga and Bag Class will be merging. Each Krav Maga class will combine and extend elements of Bag Class, to include intensive conditioning, Krav Maga self-defense and combatives, and weapon defense training. Krav Maga will be limited to 20 athletes. Uniforms are not required. Athletes will need bag gloves, groin protection, and shin-guards by the first class. 


  • New Krav Maga athletes (Krav Maga only) = $135.00 monthly 
  • Krav Maga Add-on Package for CrossFit athletes = $69.00 monthly 


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