FRIDAY 200828

Every 5:00 on a 15:00 clock (3 rounds)

Run 400 meters (or Concept2 Row 400 meters or Bike 30 calories)
Deadlift, 21 repetitions (135lb. / 85lb.)
Jiu Jitsu Bench Press, 15 repetitions (same weight as Deadlift)
Chest to Bar Pull-up, 9 repetitions

Note: It’s been awesome week of training and we have one more epic session to go. The goal for split times on todays workout is 4:00 or less to ensure adequate rest between rounds. If you are not able to maintain a 5:00 interval, reduce the distance of the run to 200 meters.

Coach on the Uncommon Line Podcast


Coach was recently featured on the Uncommon Line Podcast where he discussed the warrior archetype, a life of discipleship, and “setting yourself apart” for God’s purposes. Listen to the show HERE.


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