TUESDAY 200128

On a 3:00 clock,

Assault Bike, 18 Calories (14 women)
15 Toes to Bar
Hang Squat Clean, As Many Repetitions As Possible (135lb. / 85lb.)

Rest up to 3:00 between rounds and complete 3 rounds

Rest as needed then,

Barbell Upright Row, 5,5,5,5,5 repetitions (see note below)

Note: On the metabolic evolution, your “score” each round is the total number of Hang Squat Cleans achieved following the Assault Bike and Toes to Bar stations. On the Upright Row, athletes can pick their weight (rep’s must be consecutive) and either pull from the ground or from the “above knee position. The angle of the torso should be akin to the setup position of the deadlift. This is an excellent upper body strength exercise.



Tuesday Special Programs

  • CrossFit (6AM, 8AM, 10:30AM, 4PM)
  • Bag Class (5:30PM – 6:15PM)
  • Warrior Yoga (6:30PM – 7:15PM)


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