“Filthy 15”

On a 15:00 clock (5 rounds each station)

Station One = Wallball Shots, 15 repetitions (20lb. / 10lb.)
Station Two = Toes to Bar, 15 repetitions
Station Three = Assault Bike, 15 calories (10 women)

Rest as needed then,

Every Minute On The Minute for 7:00,

1 Deadlift,
1 Hand Power Clean
1 Shoulder to Overhead


15 Kettlebell Swings (go heavier than normal)

Note: On the station rotation, you must finish each station within 50 seconds. If this is not possible, choose a lower calorie or repetition to maintain. Rx’d weight for the EMOM is 155lb. for men and 95lb. for women. If you did “Gwen” on Wednesday, then consider the Kettlebell option.


Thursday Schedule

  • CrossFit at 6AM, 10:30AM and 4PM
  • Teenager Class at 3PM


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