MONDAY 160530

Please note our gym is closed today for the Memorial Day Holiday. We encourage you to enjoy this beautiful and important day with your family and friends, and enjoy the great outdoor fitness opportunities that Santa Cruz has to offer. We resume our regular class schedule Tuesday, June 1, at 6:00 AM.


Kim is Athlete Of The Week!


Congratulations to Kim who was recognized as Athlete Of The Week at CrossFit Pleasure Point. Kim is an absolute joy to workout with and coach, and she exemplifies the character traits of a world class athlete: Determination, perseverance, virtuosity and resilience. Kim is also one STRONG woman! Last week during Tempo Training, Kim nailed a 185lb. Back Squat for two consecutive repetitions. She has also been strictly adhering to this months 30 Day Nutrition Challenge (along with coach Ame, in the photo with Kim) with resounding results. Whether it be a large group class, or small private training session, Kim always commits to the workout with the mind, body and spirit of a warrior. Congratulations Kim on all your success, and keep up the inspiring work!


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