MONDAY 201130

Power Clean 5,3,1 repetitions (work up a to 1RM)

Rest then,

Every 90 seconds for 21:00 (7 rounds)

A = Sprint 300 meters (run fast!)
B = Power Clean, 3 repetitions (lift heavy ~ within 70% of 1RM)

Note: Athletes can either work up to a 3RM load or maintain a consistent load throughout the workout. The new 300 meter running route is fast and fun and achievable within the 90 seconds.

Welcome to the team, Bronwen!


We are pleased to welcome Bronwen to our coaching team! Bronwen became a Family Nurse Practitioner with the intent to prevent disease and promote health through education. This is a difficult task to do in the current medical model. Bronwen started her own practice, in collaboration with her husband, Dr. Brian Peternell, DO, a specialist in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine, to change that.

Bronwen fundamentally believes that people can change. They WANT to change. They simply need the exposure and the right environment to promote change. At RxTLC, Bronwen will provide medically guided nutrition and exercise counseling to clients with co-morbidities to help them reach their optimum health as a human being.

Bronwen will be coaching group classes at our gym in addition to holding office hours on Wednesday’s between 12PM and 4PM. We are excited to have her on our team! To schedule a private consultation with Bronwen please email here at:


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