CAMP Ranking System


CrossFit Pleasure Point Maximum Performance (CAMP) is pleased to offer Athletes at CrossFit Pleasure Point and our Remote Training Community an opportunity to receive formal ranking in CAMP. Similar to the traditional progressive ranking program in Martial Arts Training, CAMP Ranking System is a structured 5 Level merit based promotional system designed to challenge, test and recognize Athletes who truly pursue Elite Fitness and Warrior Disciplines across a full spectrum of diverse training methodologies.

The CAMP Ranking System has two pipelines that Athletes may choose from:

1. CAMP Fitness Specific Pipeline (FS):

The Fitness CAMP Ranking System is recommended for Athletes interested in CrossFit and fitness goals. Athletes are required to achieve a minimum of 100 % on 10 of the fitness evolutions per rank, and in the 95 % range for all others. CAMP Fitness Pipeline Athletes are recognized for their accomplishments with a formal Certificate relative to their rank. Before testing for Brown Belt (Level 4) Athletes must graduate a Basic “Musha Shugya” course and complete 3 out of 5 of the official testing evolutions. Athletes must complete an Advanced “Musha Shugya” before testing for Black Belt (Level 5) and complete 4 out of 5 testing evolutions.

2. CAMP Integrated Self Defense & Fitness Pipeline (ISDF):

The Integrated Self Defense & Fitness CAMP Pipeline is intended for Athletes interested in an integrated, holistic and Warrior tradition training program. The Integrated CAMP program is unlike any other ranking system in the world. Athletes are tested across a full spectrum of disciplines, from Fitness, to Self-Defense and Warrior Yoga, to Higher Education and Service to their community. Integrated Pipeline Athletes must achieve a minimum of 90 % on all Fitness evolutions, and 100 % on all Self Defense and Warrior Yoga evolutions. Integrated Self Defense Athletes at the Black Belt level also receive formal recognition (rank) in accordance with Warrior Yoga Santa Cruz (SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind Association of Yoga Schools), and Krav Maga Worldwide Association of Licensed Schools. Before testing for Brown Belt (Level 4) Athletes must graduate a Basic “Musha Shugya” course and complete 5 out of 5 of the official testing evolutions. Athletes must complete an Advanced “Musha Shugya” before testing for Black Belt (Level 5) and complete 5 out of 5 testing evolutions. Integrated CAMP Pipeline Athletes will receive a formal Certificate to designate their Rank, and a white short with “belt”, in addition to a casual wear belt. Women receive either a solid colored short or shirt with the logo the color of their rank. (Men’s unisex “belt” short is also an option.) ISDF Athletes may choose an independent martial discipline to focus on, either Krav Maga or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, through Purple Belt. Brown and Black belt require require proficiency in both disciplines as tested through the Blue Belt rank.

CAMP Ranking System and Curriculum is comprised of the following:

1. Specific CrossFit Skills and Techniques
2. CrossFit conditioning Workouts
3. Warrior Yoga (In Accordance with SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind)
4. Krav Maga (In Accordance with Krav Maga Worldwide, Inc.)
5. Pursuit of Higher Education (AA, BA, Trade School, Mastery of Craft, etc.)
6. Advanced Study of CrossFit Disciplines and Courses (Level I, etc.)
7. Service to Community (LEO, MIL, Nurse, Teacher, Volunteer, etc.)
8. Time in Grade: Minimum 6 months between Ranks
9. Graduation from Basic and Advanced “Musha Shugya” for Black Belt (Level 5).

Progressive advancement through the CAMP Ranking System is contingent upon successful completion of a series of formal testing evolutions and “Time in Rank”. In addition to physical accomplishment, Athletes are continually being evaluated on their Warrior Spirit and character traits of LDRSHIP:

L = Loyalty To Family, Country, Community
D = Discipline
R = Respect
S = Selfless Service
H = Honor
I = Integrity
P = Personal Courage

By the achievement of Purple and Brown Belt (Level 3 & Level 4), Athletes are recognized leaders in the gym and their community, and have reached a true pinnacle of Elite Fitness. A Brown Belt (Level 4) and Black Belt (Level 5) in the Integrated Program symbolizes a true commitment to the lifestyle of the Warrior culture, and a level of perseverance only a select few will ever know.


Overview of Disciplines

Specific CrossFit Skills and Techniques:

Testing in specific measurable and repeatable CrossFit skills such as Double Under’s, Box Jumps, Pull-ups, and Rope Climbs are included in this category, as well as Weightlifting competencies. Range of motion, technique, display of virtuosity, in addition to the achievement of the respective ranking level will be tested.

CrossFit Conditioning Workouts:

Work capacity across broad time and modal domain will be tested. These conditioning workouts will correlate to the respective Skills and Techniques of each CAMP rank. Progressively faster time will be expected over benchmark workouts as Athletes progress in CAMP.

Warrior Yoga:

As a modern integrated and holistic practice, Warrior Yoga spans traditional yoga, martial arts, functional training, and valuable lessons in leadership, cultivation of the Warrior Spirit, mediation techniques, and allowing for the felt experience of alignment principles. Testing is comprised of memorization and sequencing 5 levels of Vinyasa Flow and Time in Practice.

Krav Maga:

Krav Maga is the official self-defense and fighting system of the Israeli Defense Forces. Krav Maga emphasizes easy-to-learn techniques that have been battle-tested in life threatening confrontations. Testing is contingent upon Time in Practice (Level 1 – 5), Krav Maga fitness evolutions, memorization and virtuosity in display of Combat Kata, and display of skill and technique under realistic training conditions. 

Higher Education and Service:

CAMP Ranking is unique in its pursuit of a holistic and well-rounded individual. Mind, body and spirit are intended to be developed in CAMP. Higher Education in both traditional education institutions as well as CrossFit, Trade Schools, Mastery of a Craft, Yoga, and LEO/MIL environments qualify. Each Athlete in CAMP will be evaluated on a case by case basis for their commitment to Higher Education and Service.

Musha Shugya” – Warrior Quest:

The “Musha Shuga” is a complete immersion experience that is designed to test the “Kokoro” or “Heart of a Warrior.” Grueling non-stop physical evolutions, combined with periods of intense mediation and self-reflection, culminate in a level of personal courage and sense of accomplishment unique to any other endeavor. Before testing for Brown Belt (Level 4) Athletes must graduate a Basic “Musha Shugya” course and complete 3 out of 5 of the official testing evolutions. Athletes must complete an Advanced “Musha Shugya” before testing for Black Belt (Level 5) and complete 4 out of 5 testing evolutions.


More on the Integrated CAMP Ranking System

Most Martial Art systems have belts or similar ranks by which a student may access their level of development. CrossFit traces it’s roots back to helping Athletes develop themselves for the demands of combat – mainly Mixed Martial Arts competitions, and “real world” combat such as Military and Law Enforcement operations. Therefore, the conception of a ranking system for the foundational center-point of a program used to enhance capacity in other martial arts and combat arenas is perfectly suited.

Although there are specific standards that are measurable and distinguish one CAMP rank from another, CAMP also looks to other indicators of more intangible components of advancement. One might attempt to differentiate rank in terms of the number of techniques (between Yoga, Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga and CrossFit) an Athlete knows. However, such a method is not entirely adequate. Many times a mid-ranking Athlete knows almost as many total techniques as a high-ranking student – they simply do not perform them as well, nor with a complete sense of virtuosity or integration. Another objective method is to test skill in the weight-lifted, gymnastic skill performed, or speed in completion of CrossFit workouts compared to other Athletes. Yet even this method is not entirely as simple as it would appear.

Therefore, the CAMP ranking system creates a holistic approach to allowing Athletes to progress and achieve formally recognized rank. The CAMP ranking system follows a combined Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belt-colored designation system. Rather than wearing a belt, students wear customized solid colored shorts with a printed belt around the waist, and receive a formal Certificate of Rank and dress belt for casual wear. The order of belt-ranking begins with white, and progresses through blue, purple, brown and black. At the Black Belt level, which on average requires three to five years of dedicated training, the student is a fully qualified teacher of the holistic CAMP and CrossFit system, and has also achieved formal recognition in other martial-systems such as Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


There are two formal CAMP Ranking Tests a year. On a case by case basis, an Athlete may test early or privately. A testing fee will be included with each test, and Athletes are required to purchase the formal CAMP short that correlates to their specific rank.

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