09 FEBRUARY 2024

FRIDAY 240209

Final Day of the Pullup Progression

Day 30 – 10-10-9-8-7

If you completed every day during the pullup progression you completed 885 pullups

We will be re-testing next week your strict pullups.


Complete 2 of the following stations without rest between the efforts for Time

Figure 8 Big Loop Run (1600m)

2K / 1600m Row

96/72 Assault Bike

Log the split time between the two efforts along with your total time.

This is a repeat from 230912 and 231221.  If you completed this either one or both days, pick the combination of stations you have not completed.

For instance if you completed the Assault Bike and Row on the first effort and the Run and Assault Bike on the second effort.

During today’s WOD, the athlete would be encouraged to complete the Run and Row.

These can be completed in any order for individual athletes.

IMG 1023

Gun Show time after 6AM


Friday’s Schedule

6AM – Workout of the Day

8AM – Strength / Olympic Lifting

430PM – Workout of the Day

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