18 MARCH 2024

MONDAY 240318

Threshold Mashup

1 Minute Test Round of:

Assault Bike Calorie

1 Minute Rest

1 Minute Test Round of:

Wall Ball (20/14)


4 Rounds at 50% Threshold of test rounds

Assault Bike Calories

Superman Hold (30 second)

Wall Ball (20/14)

Hollow Hold (30 second)

A solid goal for the Threshold rounds are 15 to 8 for both movements.

Keep in mind the goal is to maintain the equal work to rest ratio throughout the workout.

IMG 3397

Caroline – Nikki – Erik – Kenna after Open 24.1

Monday’s Schedule

6AM – Workout of the day

8AM – Workout of the day

430PM – Workout of the day

615PM – Workout of the day

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