The Tongue – A Creative Force

The Tongue – A Creative Force

One morning during my senior year in high school, I came across the book, “The Tongue – A Creative Force” on my dads bookshelf. I asked my dad, Raymond, about the content of the strange sounding book.

Although in the profession of Chiropractic, my dad was also serving as a minister, and had developed the most powerful relationship with God I have ever known. He explained the lesson of the book, and one of the most important lessons he ever taught me, like this:

“Greg, imagine the biggest ship in the US Navy is on a mission in the middle of a vast ocean. This ship, with all it’s incredible power, is steered and navigated by a very small rudder. The rudder is an analogy for the human-tongue: We steer and navigate the course of our life by the power of our words.”

AlexWarriorSpiritMy dad was renowned for his ability to speak a language of positive expectancy. He used the power of his words to create health, wellness, happiness, success and spirituality in his life, and the lives of all he touched. 

God calls us to THINK a certain way, SPEAK a certain way, and ACT a certain way. Proper thinking leads to proper use of speech, and our words, when spoken with Love and Light, result in right-action. Our life will unfold in perfect accordance with the words we use to create it.

As Warriors of Light, our most powerful weapon to drive out darkness is our spoken word. We are commanded to both THINK and SPEAK with discipline, discernment, precision, and positivity.

Two Bible verses I have committed to memory and that have served me well are the following:

Hebrews: “For the Word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword.”

Ephesians: “The sword of the Spirit is the Word of God.”

This is the Way of a Warrior of Light.