13 APRIL 2023



Tempo Back Squat

5X7X3 (5 set x 7 reps x 3 second eccentric)

Maintain weight on each round.

Reach full depth – 1 second pause at the bottom – then explode out of the bottom.


15 Min T2B Ladder W/ Burpees

For the ladder pattern, perform one toes-to-bar the first minute, followed by max reps burpees. Perform two toes-to-bars the second minute + max reps burpees. Perform three toes-to-bars the third minute + max reps burpees, continuing for 15 minutes or until failure to complete the toes-to-bars within the minute.

Score is the total amount of burpees completed during the ladder.

Pulled from CF main site 3/9/23.


Pullup Progression – Day 10


IMG 1326


Thursday’s Schedule

6AM – Workout of the Day

1030AM – Workout of the Day

4PM – Workout of the Day

515PM – Teen Class

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