17 FEBRUARY 2023

FRIDAY 230217

Today’s 4PM WOD will be the CrossFit Open 23.1 WOD.  CrossFit Pleasure Point will be running heats for those athletes who want to complete the 23.1 Open WOD.



60 Cal Row

50 Toes-2-Bar

40 Wallball Shots (#20/14) 10ft/9ft

30 Cleans (#135/95)

20 Muscle-ups (ring)


60-calorie row
50 hanging knee raises
40 wall-ball shots (#14/10) 10ft/9ft
30 cleans (#95/65)
20 chin-over-bar pull-ups


60 strokes on the rower
50 sit-ups
40 wall-ball shots (#10/6)* 10ft/9ft
30 cleans (#45/35)*
20 push-ups

*The load is a suggested starting point. If you are completing all of the tests in the foundations division, you are free to decrease or increase the load as your skill level allows.

There is no programmed WOD for 4PM.  All athletes are encouraged to come and participate in a heat.  There will be modifications for all our athletes to complete the WOD.

There will be CrossFit Pleasure Point Judges present to provide our athletes with their official score card.  Heats will be run until every athlete who wants to participate has an opportunity.

Plan on heats being run for approximately 2 hours.  If this day and time does not work please schedule at time with a judge to complete your Open WOD.

We will still be running the 8AM Olympic Lifting.

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Friday’s Schedule

8AM – Strength / Olympic Lifting

4PM – 23.1 Open Heats

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