07 September 2015

MONDAY 150907

Happy Labor Day! Please note our gym will be closed for regular class hours. We will have Open Gym from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. All other classes are cancelled for the holiday. Enjoy the beautiful day in Santa Cruz!


Bob and Diane are Athletes Of The Week!


Congratulations to Bob (Legend #7) and Diane on being recognized as Athletes Of The Week at CrossFit Pleasure Point. Bob and Diane are pillars of the CrossFit Pleasure Point community, and are a great source of inspiration to their fellow Athletes in all the CrossFit programs, in particular the 5:00 PM Light Workout. Bob and Diane are a great testament to the power of a Lifetime Fitness plan, and to the importance of finding balance in training. Diane is an avid practitioner and instructor of Yoga, and Bob is an avid climber. Together, they embrace the outdoors, and in the words of CrossFit Founder Coach Glassman, “Constantly learning and playing new sports.” Bob and Diane are also wonderful examples of living the word “Namaste”. All it takes is a few moments with this incredible couple for you to realize they are witnessing the spirit in each other, and in the world. Thank you Bob and Diane for being such an awesome part of the CrossFit community in Santa Cruz County.


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