29 June 2015

MONDAY 150629


Run 1200 Meters (Big Loop)
50 Thrusters
30 Hang Power Cleans

Note: This is a CrossFit Pleasure Point twist on the famous CrossFit Girl WOD “Jackie”. Thruster weight on “Smackie” for men is a 45lb. barbell and women’s weight is a 35lb. barbell. Hang Power Clean weight is 95lb. for men and 65lb. for women. Athletes will use the same Barbell for both the Thruster and Clean and add their respective weight to the bar following the Thruster repetitions. The goal for the strength component today is a Bodyweight Thruster. How many of our Athletes can complete “Rx’d Smackie” in 15:00 or less?


Chris Honey is Athlete Of The Week


Congratulations to Officer Chris Honey who was recognized as Athlete Of The Week at CrossFit Pleasure Point. Chris is one of nearly 100 “Remote CrossFit Pleasure Point Athletes” who are part of the CrossFit Pleasure Point CrossFit gym, yet reside outside the limits of Santa Cruz County. Chris is a Police Officer, SWAT Operator and Sniper in Truman Police Department, Arkansas. Chris is a huge advocate for CrossFit for Law Enforcement in his State, and speaks frequently to his fellow Officers in the Mississippi County region on how to incorporate CrossFit into their Department’s fitness programs. Chris is CrossFit Level I Certified and is a graduate of the CrossFit Law Enforcement Seminar. Congratulations Chris on all your success, and thank you for your service to our Country.


Monday Special Programs

CAMP (8:00 AM – 9:00 AM at HQ)

Our CAMP workout will be the HQ programming today.

Light WOD (5:00 PM – 6:00 PM at Krav Maga)

Today our Light class will join our HQ class with slight WOD modifications.

Barbell Club WOD (1:30 PM – 2:30 PM at Headquarters)

Krav Maga Phase A & B (6:15 PM – 7:00 PM at Krav Maga)

Krav Maga Phase B & C (7:15 PM – 8:00 PM at Krav Maga)


CrossFit Pleasure Point Holistic Nutrition Seminar Now Available on YouTube

Holistic Nutrition Seminar Part 1 [video]

Holistic Nutrition Seminar Part 2 [video]

“In The Kitchen With Greg” [video]


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