01 November 2018


Tempo Strength Training

Bench Press, 7,5,3,1 Repetitions (3 Second Descent)

Combined with,

Strict Pull-up, 7,5,3,1 Repetitions (3 Second Descent)

Rest as needed then choose one “Cash Out” option:

Evolution A:
For Time
Three “Sprint Rounds” Of “Cindy”

Evolution B:
For Time
Row 400 Meters,
30 Kettlebell Swings (53lb. / 35lb.)

Evolution C:
Assault Bike, 21 Calories
Dumbbell Thruster, 15 Repetitions (35lb. / 25lb.)

Note: Remember – on Tempo training, the goal is the TEMPO, not the weight! Three second descent is the minimum. Purple Belt expectation should be five second, with a one second hold in the bottom position. Tomorrow (Friday) is a BIG CAMP session, and Coach will be leading the 4PM. If your body needs a rest, consider opting out of the “Cash Out” today and just focusing on Tempo. We will record your 1RM tempo Bench and Pull-up today.

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Thursday Special Programs 

Bag Class (5:15PM – 6PM)


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