02 April 2018

MONDAY 180402

“Chipper Monday!”

For time:
Deadlifts, 50 Repetitions (115lb. / 75lb.)
50 Front Rack Kettlebell Alternating Lunges (See Note Below)
Power Clean, 30 Repetitions (115lb. / 75lb.)
Run 100 Meters
30 Toes to Bar (at Krav)
Run 100 Meters
Thrusters, 10 Repetitions (115lb. / 75lb.)
Run 100 Meters
10 Bar Muscle Ups (or 20 Chest to Bar Pull-ups and 20 Hand Release Push-ups)
Run 100 Meters

Note: Todays “chipper” comes from the archives of the original CrossFit gym’s programming circa 2010. The “Front Rack Kettlebell Lunge” will require athletes holding one Kettlebell in at the front rack position while performing lunges. Back knee must “kiss” the ground on the lunge. Mens weight is up to 35 and women’s 25. Athletes can also use a Dumbbell.

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Tina is Athlete Of The Month!


Congratulations to Tina who was recognized as Athlete Of The Month at CrossFit Pleasure Point! During the month of March, Tina was the source of immense inspiration within our gym. In the midst of the CrossFit Games Open, Tina rose to the occasion during the workouts, achieving personal records and “first time achievements” on numerous occasions. One of the more memorable episodes occurred on workout 18.5, in which Tina faced a daunting challenge: The Pull-up. A “First Pull-up” had been Tina’s goal for quite some time, with the target date before her 55th Birthday. Not only did Tina achieve her first Pull-up, she went on to complete 9 more Pull-ups in the workout, all of which were accomplished before her birthday! In addition to her own successes, Tina was at nearly every CrossFit Open workout as a judge and encourager, putting the needs of her fellow athletes before her own. Tina’s kind spirit, determination, conviction in her faith and “overcome mindset” have set her apart both in the gym, and in life. Congratulations Tina on all your success! You are an inspiration to all of us!


“Week At A Glance” 

Tuesday & Thursday = Bag Class & Yoga

Wednesday = Krav Maga

Friday = Wendler & Olympic Lifting

Saturday = Krav Maga Workshop

Sunday = Faith Works Ministry


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