02 July 2013

130702 TUESDAY

Happy One Year Anniversary to CrossFit Pleasure Point! Today we are going to do an international WOD, and the first WOD we did as an official CrossFit Affiliate gym. This WOD was completed by Greg Amundson and friends at Black Box Gym Olso in Olso, Norway, on June 27, 2012. We’re offering both the Norweigan and English translation! Score to beat is Greg’s 14 rounds and 1 sprint. We’ll be sprinting back and forth between our expanded location, also the home of Krav Maga Santa Cruz.

Complete As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) in twenty minutes of:

10 “Men On Fire Burpees”
Loping 100 Meters (Sprint 100 Meters)
20 Kettlebell Swings (24kg. / 16kg.)
Loping 100 Meters (Sprint 100 Meters)


One round consists of the burpees, sprint, kettlebell swings and return sprint. Roll to your right on the first burpee, left on the second, etc. Ensure you are completing American swings. A “Man on Fire Burpee” consists of rolling to either the left or right in the prone position, then continuing with a standard return to the jumping position. Hands must clap with feet off the ground. Try to keep your body as straight as possible on the jump.

Crossfit Amundson anniversary flyer v31


Please note the 6:00 AM, 7:00 AM, 10:00 AM AND 12:00 PM classes will operate as normal. The one year anniversary party will begin at 3:00 PM with with the official “blast from the past” workout from July 2, 2012.


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