02 July 2018

MONDAY 180702

Skill Development: USAW Power Clean and Push Jerk Progressions.

Complete Three Sets – Start with Barbell and add weight as necessary: (Work Technique!)

Power Clean from Power Position, 3 Repetitions (Add 1 Shoulder Press at final rep)
Power Clean from Above Knee (2 Second Pause) 2 Repetitions (Add 1 Push Press at final rep)
Power Clean from Floor, 1 Repetitions (Add 1 Push-Jerk)

Rest as needed then,

For Time:

Run 100 Meters (HQ to Krav)
Double Under, 100 Repetitions (Or 125 Weighted Jumps)
21 Toes To Bar
Run 100 Meters (To HQ)
Power Clean, 21 Repetitions (135lb. / 95lb.)
Run 100 Meters
Double Under, 75 Repetitions (Or 100 Weighted Jumps)
Toe to Bar, 15 Repetitions
Run 100 Meters
Power Clean, 15 Repetitions
Run 100 Meters
Double Under, 50 Repetitions (Or 75 Weighted Jumps)
Toe to Bar, 9 Repetitions
Run 100 Meters
Power Clean, 9 Repetitions (135lb. / 95lb.)

Note: For the USAW progression, challenge yourself with increasing the weight on each set, adding at least 10 more pounds than last week. A great goal for the final set (once completely warmed up) is 135lb. for men and 95lb. for women, with all repetitions “touch and go”. Rx’d weight on today’s metabolic conditioning is 135lb. for men and 95lb. for women.

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James is Athlete Of The Month!


Congratulations to James who was recognized by his peers as Athlete Of The Month at CrossFit Pleasure Point. James is the manager of the beloved Play It Again Sports in Soquel, and has been part of the extended CrossFit community since the “early days” of the fitness revolution. When James joined our gym approximately six months ago, he had some big goals on his list, and has been knocking them down one by one even since. James is renowned for his speed in running workouts, and his significant improvements with the foundational CrossFit weightlifting movements. A loyal 8AM warrior, James frequently sets the bar high for the afternoon-crew to contend with. James is a true professional who pursues fitness with the goal of increasing his capacity over a lifetime, and he sets an example for his family and our gym to follow in everything he does. Congratulations James – and keep up the inspiring work!


Week At A Glance

Tuesday: Bag Class (8 Rounds) and Yoga

Wednesday: Closed for 4th of July Holiday!

Thursday: Regular Schedule. Bag Class (6 Rounds with Technique and Yoga)

Friday: Strength and Olympic Lifting

Saturday: CrossFit Pleasure Point Kettlebell Competition!


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