03 June 2019

MONDAY 190603

For Time,

Run 800 Meters
At HQ pick up 35lb. / 25lb. Kettlebell then,
400 Meter Farmers Carry with Kettlebell (only 1 arm allowed in carry)
50 Burpees 
75 Goblet Kettlebell Squats
5 Strict Pull-ups
20 Pull-ups (Kipping is OK) 

Note: Today’s session is a “battle test” of a workout designed at a recent meeting that Coach led at the National Tactical Officers Association. Our gym will be contributing to data-collection on this workout. It’s a good one!


Warrior Scholars! 


Above is the “hand picked” group of Law Enforcement warrior-scholars that Coach selected from around the nation who gathered at the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) in Colorado for the purpose of creating standardized SWAT fitness standards based on the CrossFit methodology. Notice the looming stairs in the background. Where do you think Coach led the group following this photograph? 


Week At A Glance


  • Bag Class & Krav Maga (5:30PM – 6:15PM)
  • Kokoro Yoga (6:30PM – 7:15PM)
  • NEW MASTERS CLASS! (10:30AM – 11:30AM) 

Wednesday: Faith Works Ministry (6PM – 7PM)

Thursday: Krav Maga (5:30PM – 6:15PM – All Levels)

Friday: Strength Class (8AM – 9AM)

Saturday: FREE Community Workout (10AM – 11AM)


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