03 May 2013

FRIDAY 130503

5 Rounds for Time of:
Run 400 Meters
15 Overhead Squats

Note: Prescribed weight for men is 95lb. and women is 65lb. Our current fastest gym times are held by Kevin (14:27) and Lily (14:45). Who’s got the new record?


Professional Fighters Gray Maynard and Thomas Diagne


On Thursday afternoon, professional fighters Gray and Thomas joined Greg Amundson for a brutal training session that spanned two hours, and involved sand sprints, underwater swimming and traditional CrossFit movements. Both Gray and Thomas are exceptionally talented Athletes who are preparing for upcoming title fights. Our friends from Central Fire in Capitola were on scene just in case things got ugly. Think you can hang with these guys? Following the programming below for an awesome challenge.

On soft sand complete the following:

Every minute on the minute for seven minutes, add a 15 meter sprint.

Rest ten minutes, then;
AMRAP in 3:00 of:
7 Dumbbell Thrusters with 35lb.
7 Pull-ups

At the end of the AMRAP, immediately perform a 120 Meter Farmers Carry with two 53lb. Kettlebells. Immediately following the Farmers Carry, repeat the AMRAP of Thursters and Pull-ups for 2:00, with a Farmers Carry at the end. Immediately follow the Farmers Carry with a 1:00 AMRAP of Thrusters and Pull-ups, followed by a final Farmers Carry.

Rest 10:00 then,
Perform three rounds of 25 Meter Underwater swim, immediately followed by a 25 Meter surface swim sprint.


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