04 July 2019


Happy 4th of July! Please note our gym will be closed for regular classes today. However …..

There will be two “Challenge Evolutions” with Coach!

Evolution A – Commencing at 1PM at HQ:


Evolution B – Commencing at 2:30PM at Capitola Wharf (approximately) 

Swim Around Capitola Wharf 

Note: Attend one or both of these fun and challenging sessions. The ocean temperature has been great and wetsuits are not needed. Wear fins is you want or go slick (Coach is wearing fins!). If you are attending the ocean swim, meet on the West-end of the wharf on the sand at approximately 2:30PM. For an extra challenge, join Coach for both evolutions, plus a run from HQ to the Wharf and back following the swim. 

IMG 7249

Lou, are you OK? 


We return to our regular class schedule tomorrow (Friday) July 5. Have a safe 4th of July!


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