05 June 2015

FRIDAY 150605

Partner Workout Friday!

Every Minute On The Minute For 20:00:

Odd Minutes: 10 Toes to Bar
Even Minutes: 40 Double Unders

Immediately followed by:

At the end of the 20:00, both partners will share a Barbell and work up a 1 Repetition Max Power Clean. Partners will total their individual Max Efforts for  a combined Team Total. Partners will have 10:00 to find their totals.

Note: On this workout, “Partner A” starts on the Toes to Bar, and “Partner B” starts on the Double Under. At the top of their respective minute of work, partners switch stations. At the end of the workout, “Partner A” and “Partner B” will have completed 10 sets of both the Toes to Bar and Double Under station.


Alex – 2015 Recepiant of the Warrior Spirit Award


Congratulations to Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Sheriff Alex Spencer on receiving the Warrior Spirit Award. The Warrior Spirit Award is the highest award achievable at CrossFit Pleasure Point. This same Award was formally presented to the Top Warrior in the 223rd Infantry Regiment, in which Greg Amundson served as an Army Captain. The last person to receive the Award before it’s transfer to CrossFit Pleasure Point was Greg upon completion of Officer Candidate School and commissioning as a 2nd Lieutenant in 2006. Former recipitants of this Award include Captain Corey Demers, Captain Jason Nee, Heather Rosenberg, and US Air Force Special Operations Operator Graham Ward. Congratulations Alex, and thank you for protecting and serving our Community.


Friday Special Programs

Phase A Olympic Lifting (8:00 AM – 9:00 AM at HQ)


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