06 January 2020

MONDAY 200106

Clean and Jerk 5,3,1,1,1 repetitions (work up to a 1RM load)

Rest as needed then,

As Many Ground to Overhead as possible in 5:00 with 70% of 1RM

Cash out with “The Pursuit”

Concept2 Row, 200 Meters
200 Meter Sprint (bus stop run)
20 Burpees

Note: It’s going to be another solid week of training, starting with a modified version of the classic CrossFit “Girl” named “Helen.”


Runner in the Mist!


Week At A Glance

  • Tuesday
    • CrossFit Masters Class
    • Bag Class
    • Yoga
  • Wednesday
    • Faith Works Ministry (with Eric Winders on worship music!)
  • Thursday
    • CrossFit Masters Class
    • Krav Maga
  • Friday
    • CrossFit Strength Class
  • Saturday
    • FREE Community Workout!


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