07 March 2019


SEALFIT Strength Mash-up (AKA “The J-Bird”)

Every Two Minutes for 16 Minutes (8 Rounds)

Power Clean, 1 Repetition
Hang Squat Clean, 1 Repetition
Front Rack Alternating Lunge, 4 Repetitions (2 Each Leg)
Push Jerk, 4 Repetitions

Cash out with one maximum repetition set of kipping Toes to Bar (Mens Rx goal is 20 / women’s 10) 

Note: This is a complex favored at SEALFIT, and it’s a good one! Keep the weight in hand the entire set – dropping the bar early constitutes a foul. Add weight each set, or maintain a challenging load for all ten rounds. If you tackled this complex on September 8, September 22, November 3, 2016, January 15, 2017, May 3, 2017, June 14, 2017, August 24, 2017, October 16, 2017, February 15, 2018, September 6, 2018, and November 8. Try to add 5lb. to each set today.

IMG 6173

Congratulations to Mike on his new book Master The Key!


Good luck and safe travels to “Team Guerrero” who departs for Los Angeles today for a press conference. The official weigh-in and “Face Off” is on Friday, and then it’s 3-2-1 Go! Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero and Justin “The Stallion” Cardona fight on the same card at the Carson StubHub center on March 9, 2019. 


“View your life from your funeral: Looking back at your life experiences, what have you accomplished? What would you have wanted to accomplish but didn’t? What were the happy moments? What were the sad? What would you do again, and what wouldn’t you do?” ~ Victor Frankl



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