09 April 2018

MONDAY 180409

In front of a continually running clock:
1 minute of Power Cleans (135lb. / 95lb.)
1 minute of Burpees
Rest 1:00
2 minutes of Power Cleans
2 minutes of Burpees
Rest 1:00
3 minutes of Power Cleans
3 minutes of Burpees

Note: Keep a running total of repetitions for each round, reporting the total rep’s during the minute rest. How many people maintain an average of 10 Power Cleans and 20 Burpees every minute for all three rounds?

IMG 2837 e1523128469170

Alyssa sets three records in one week!


Congratulations to Alyssa who achieved her first Pull-up this week! This amazing athletes also achieved new personal records in the Power Clean and Snatch!


“Week At A Glance” 

Tuesday = Bag Class & Yoga (No class on Thursday)

Wednesday = Krav Maga

Friday = Wendler Strength (8:00 AM) and Olympic Lifting (5:00 PM)

Saturday = 10AM Workout and Posture Clinic with Doctor Van Brunt


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