09 May 2019


On a 15:00 Running Clock (5 Rounds Each Station)

Minute One: Progressive Burpees (see note below)
Minute Two: Concept2 Row (6, 9, or 12 Calories) 
Minute Three: Assault Bike (6, 9, or 12 Calories)

Note: Today’s workout is a “choose your own adventure” (AKA “Margaret”) session. Athletes can pick their start station, but must honor the order of rotation. The Burpee station starts with either 1, 2, or 3 repetitions, and will increase by the same number respectively each round. For example, an athlete starting round 1 with 2 repetitions would perform 4 repetitions on round 2, and 6 repetitions on round 3, etc. Aspiring CAMP Purple Belts should strive for 12 calories on the Bike and Rower, and starting with 3 repetitions (and ending with 15) on the Burpee. Athletes MUST finish the Bike and Row by 50 seconds. 


Team Joe and Tania on the Relay Race!


Thursday Special Programs 

Krav Maga (5:30PM – 6:15PM at HQ)


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