10 APRIL 2020

FRIDAY 200410

Evolution A:

Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM) for 10:00,
Add One Burpee Over Object (TBD on object height!)

Immediately followed by,

Evolution B:

Every Minute On The Minute (EMOM) for 10:00 (minutes 10:00 – 20:00)

Deadlift, 3 repetitions
Front Squat, 2 repetitions
Shoulder to Overhead, 1 repetition

Note: Coach will be briefing modifications depending on the “weighed object” that you have. Join us at 4:00PM today inside our “Zoom Classroom Gym” for a group workout! We will all have a chance to “see each other” and check in on everyones wellbeing. Zoom – https://zoom.us/j/928645475

Screen Shot 2020 04 08 at 4.07.23 PM

Bring it in around the “Be A Champion Sign” (well, kind of!)


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