11 June 2018

MONDAY 180611

For Time:

30 Deadlifts (135lb. / 95lb.)
25 Burpees
Run 200 Meters (to Krav Maga)
30 Toes to Bar
Run 200 Meters (to HQ)
25 Burpees
30 Deadlifts (135lb. / 95lb.)

Note: Weight for men is up to 135lb. and women 95lb. This workout comes from Oregon City Police Department, Oregon, and was a “challenge workout” they participated in with Coach during a CrossFit Law Enforcement Application Course. In it’s simplicity, this workout is crushing!


Krav Maga! Nice technique, Branden!


Week At A Glance

Tuesday: Bag Class (8 Rounds!) and Yoga

Wednesday: Krav Maga (Continuing Handgun Series)

Thursday: Bag Class (6 Rounds + Technique)

Friday: Olympic Lifting and Strength Training


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