12 February 2019

TUESDAY 190212

Three Rounds “Off The Clock” Of:

Handstand Hold On Wall, Maximum Time
Immediately Followed by,
Strict Toes to Bar, 21 Repetitions (Modification is Knee to Elbow)

Rest as needed then,

A: 1:00 Sprint on Assault Bike, Maximum Calories 
Rest as needed then,
B: 1:00 Sprint on Concept2 Rower, Maximum Calories 

Group (Mandatory) Extra Credit: 4 Rounds Alternate Nostril Breathing 

Note: Notice the “Programming Theme” of advanced gymnastic movements with “Strict” standards. We are taking this cue from CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman, and his insistence on the “virtuosity” of both weightlifting and gymnastic movements. The Handstand Holds will be done without shoes on today, and shoes are optional on the Toes to Bar. Coach is back from Las Vegas to teach class today, and he will be reviewing the nuances of the Handstand Hold and strict Toes to Bar, in addition to teaching (or reviewing) Alternate Nostril Breathing. Plus, you’ll get a insider report on the training-status of the Team Guerrero fight team! (Hint: it involves Bible study, Zone meals, and epic training sessions!) 

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Coach Jennifer White (Coaching on Friday at 4PM on the 15th and 22nd!)


On Friday, February 15 and 22, visiting guest coach Jenny White will be leading the 4PM workout. Jenny has been a Personal Trainer and group fitness instructor around the Santa Cruz area for over 10 years. Jenny has a background as a Pilates instructor and designed a program to help CrossFit athletes stretch and strengthen postural muscles and identify weakness and imbalances to prevent injury and improve athletic performance. Jenny also has a very popular online business as a Health and Nutrition consultant. We are happy to welcome her to our gym as a guest coach! 


Tuesday Special Programs 

Bag Class / Krav Maga (5:15PM to 6:00PM) 

Yoga is cancelled tonight due to Coach’s return flight to Las Vegas, 


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