12 July 2019

FRIDAY 190712

“Old School V2”

5 RM Bench Press (RM = weight you can bench 5 but not 6 times)
Rest as needed then,
40 Pull-ups
Rest as needed then,
3 RM Bench Press
Rest as needed then,
30 Pull-ups
Rest as needed then,
1 RM Bench Press
Rest as needed then,
20 Pull-ups 

Rest 5 minutes then,

Cash out with a 500 meter Concept2 Row.

Notes: In the early days of CrossFit, this type of programming was central to the philosophy of Coach Glassman. He wanted his athletes strong in both gymnastics, and weightlifting, and he loved pairing the Bench with the Pull-up. The first part of our training day is not “on the clock”. Rather, we are going to move as much weight through the Bench Press as possible, and then complete the required number of Pull-up repetitions in the fewest number of sets possible. Record the number of sets and reps needed to achieve the 40, 30 and 10. For example, on the set of 40 Pull-ups, an athletes score might be 25, 10, 5. Your goal is to complete the required rep’s in the fewest sets possible. Compare today to June 14, 2019. 



Friday Special Programs 

CrossFit Strength Class (8AM – 9AM)


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