13 August 2018

MONDAY 180813

Complete Three Individually Timed “Sprint Rounds”:

For Time,
Row 400 Meters
Run 400 Meters
Kettlebell Swing, 30 Repetitions (53lb. / 35lb.)

Note: Rest up to 3:00 between rounds. Men’s Kettlebell weight is up to 53lb. and women’s up to 35lb. Can anyone average a sub 5:00 round for all 3 rounds? Compare today’s weight and time to June 24, 2015, August 28, 2015, September 30, 2016, and September 7, 2017.

IMG 1126

The 6AM crew caught laying around!


Week At A Glance

Tuesday – Bag Class and Yoga

Wednesday – Krav Maga

Thursday – Bag Class combined with Warrior Yoga

Friday – Strength and Olympic Lifting



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