13 November 2018

TUESDAY 181113

“3-2-1 Battle Stations”

3:00 AMRAP – Maximum Calories, Concept2 Row
Rest as needed then,
2:00 AMRAP – Maximum Power Cleans (135lb. / 95lb.)
Rest as needed then,
1:00 AMRAP – Maximum Pull-ups

Note: Class size permitting, we will rotate through today’s session in the order prescribed above. Originally programmed by Coach Glassman, there was a 1:00 rest between each station. The goal for the 6AM class in 2013 was 75 + calories, 40 + power cleans, and 20 + pull-ups. Be prepared for a “sprint round” of one of these stations at a reduced time.


Team Courage


Tuesday Special Programs 

5:15PM – 6PM – Bag Class

6PM – 7PM – Warrior Yoga


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